“I served as President and CEO of Memorial Health System in Springfield, Illinois for 24 years and retired December 31, 2007.  I knew Marc personally for most of my career at Memorial.  He is an affable and considerate individual with a great sense of humor.  He gets along very well with others, but can be tough when needed. Marc has a keen insight and is able to organize people into effective teams with a common vision.  He has strong personal values and lives by them. Marc is well respected by physicians.  This is a key success factor in healthcare management.  He is trusted by physicians and develops good management-physician relationships.”


- Robert T. Clarke
Past President and CEO of Memorial Health System

“Marc has demonstrated attributes of leadership and interpersonal communication to the degree that I hope to someday aspire to achieve.  His ability to reach out to others, listen to other’s ideas, and be open to those ideas, is noteworthy.  His experience in dealing with others in difficult issues is exceptional.”


- David Lieber, M.D.

“Marc is the consummate “people person.”  From the moment you meet him, you feel as though you are friends.  He has a reputation for integrity, sincerity and fairness.  Anytime I have asked him for help, he has quickly and professionally assisted me.  I cannot conceive of anyone even remotely approaching Marc’s level of accomplishment in his particular field of expertise.”


- Peter Roodhouse, M.D.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the years I have worked with Mr. Steinberg.  He is a very energetic individual who makes everyone feel comfortable through his humorous personality.  Marc is a dynamic leader, an individual who never made me feel inferior.  He encouraged me to aspire to my highest potential.  Marc creates a compelling participatory work environment by encouraging, directing and celebrating in the success of his employees.  In the eleven years that I have known Marc, I have always had confidence in his abilities to take on a challenge.  Marc always led with an optimistic view of the world and he consistently presents in a confident, serene manner in both pleasant and sometimes hostile environments.  Marc is a progressive leader.  He inspires others to keep an open minded approach to different situations, interpretations, views and possibilities thus allowing employees under his direction to experience autonomy.  Marc has always demonstrated exemplary character and was always enthusiastic about his role.  Marc is analytical.  He is constantly exploring the best possible opportunity and seeking the best individuals to achieve excellence.  He promoted excellence in himself, the individuals that worked for him, and in the departments he supervised.”


- Nancy Chatham, MSN, ANP-BC, CCNS, CWOCN
Nurse Practitioner

“I have had the privilege of working with Marc Steinberg as a Vice President at Passavant Area Hospital and was immediately impressed by his engaging personality, communication skills, knowledge of the business field and his excellent leadership abilities.  Marc’s unwavering commitment to the highest ethical standards, business excellence, professional development and superior leadership effectiveness was evident in his relationships throughout his organization and other community businesses and groups. His experience and accomplishments as a Vice President are extraordinary. 


In the area of leadership Marc has shown a collaborative style that is instructive and very effective for individuals and teams who have had the good fortune to work with him over the years. I met a number of Passavant Area Hospital physicians and employees who have the utmost appreciation for Marc’s coaching and ongoing career development support. Clearly, Marc is seen as a leader who goes far beyond just an open door policy; he reaches out to support others. His management, strategic planning and team performance presentations and trainings reflect his supportive leadership style in that they are both scholarly and most importantly real world and practical.


He is a true professional who values and treats everyone with respect regardless of their position, gender, age or race. In short, he is a leaders’ leader.”


- Edward W. Tamson, Ph.D.
Co Founder, Performance Dimensions International LLC

“Mr. Steinberg played a pivotal role in my own personal decision to practice in this community.  Marc is intelligent, engaging, accommodating, and provides the highest degree of customer service effortlessly.”


- LaDonna Waugh, M.D., F.A.C.S.
General Surgery

“I have known Mr. Steinberg for 20 plus years.  Marc and I have worked together in both the professional and social settings.  His demeanor is that of a gentleman who possesses a kind and understanding approach to his employees and co-workers.  Marc presents with the necessary degree of authority, maturity and communication skills that gives security of mind to those who seek his services.  Marc Steinberg is definitely a people person who approaches a business task head on.  His rapid response and ability to form a consensus lends great success to solving problems.  I feel confident that Marc possesses and demonstrates  the necessary availability, affability and ability to do what is best in any business, social or professional setting.  Marc is honest, without guile, respectable and respectful.  He is an exceptional leader.”

- Peter D. Russotto, DPM

“I have known Marc personally and professionally for over 20 years.  For nine years, I served on the Board of Trustees of Passavant Area Hospital in many capacities.  As Vice President of Community relations and Physician Recruitment, Marc reported and attended all Board meetings and functions.  During my tenure on the board, he exhibited sound judgment and superior leadership skills.  He was organized, focused and committed to the task at hand at all times.  I have the utmost respect for his talents. 


Over the past 20 years, Marc and I have also worked together on numerous community events as well as several hospital related fund raisers, all of which were very successful.  Marc is a true team player with a strong work ethic and always delivers more than is expected.  He is very approachable and his outgoing personality enables him to establish and maintain an excellent rapport with everyone he comes in contact with. 


Marc is extremely well respected in the hospital industry and the community. His knowledge, communication skills and professionalism have combined to make him one of the most respected Vice Presidents at Passavant Area Hospital and in the Jacksonville community.”


- Terri Rae Hall, CTFA
Former Board Member Passavant Area Hospital

“Mr. Steinberg brings outstanding individual characteristics that make him highly desirable in a role where he is facilitating groups of diverse interests.  He consistently is able to bridge and resolve differences, find common ground amongst the various groups, thus forging appropriate compromise while achieving outstanding results.  He is adept at developing long-range strategies and implementing the same.  Marc’s understanding of complicated physician and administrative issues is above reproach.  Marc is a tireless, gifted people person.”

- Marshall T. Hale, M.D.
Family Medicine

“I have had the great fortune to have had a close working relationship with Marc Steinberg for the last 18 years.  Mr. Steinberg worked as the Vice President of Community Relations and Physician Recruitment at Passavant Area Hospital in Jacksonville Illinois while I was the Chief Executive Officer of the Springfield Clinic in Springfield Illinois. Marc has dedicated his life to improving how people communicate with one another and improving the quality as well as the availability of healthcare in his community.  Over the years, he was able to balance the communicative needs of the Jacksonville area patients with the skills and desires of influential physicians and community leaders.  His door was always open and he never made an individual who was less talented in the art of communication and team building feel inadequate.  Even though there are few individuals who have his skills, there are even fewer that have his creativity and ability to make everyone involved in a project feel that they were also a part of the process and end product.  I would consider him one of the most talented, hardworking and honest individuals that I have ever worked with.”


- J. Michael Maynard, Chief Executive Officer
February 1987 – December 2008 (retired)
Springfield Clinic

“Marc has a very clear philosophy about life.  He is convinced that every day counts and this is why he pays so much attention to savoring every minute of each day.  That gives him a special energy, a constant optimism and a “joie de vivre” that is extremely contagious for all of us.  We know by experience that you can always count on Marc.  He is always available and always ready to listen and help.”


- Ruth Germain, Office Manager
- Guy Audet, M.D. Obstetrician/Gynecologist

“I have had the privilege of working with Marc Steinberg for the past 25 years and have had the opportunity to learn from Marc’s exceptional managerial and interpersonal skills.  He is extremely devoted to his job and employees.  Marc Steinberg has a native intelligence, great interest in people and ideas, and plenty of common sense.  In addition, he has demonstrated excellent powers of observation, and an ability to communicate and suggest change in effective but non-threatening ways.  He is one of the most positive, motivational people I have known.”

- Jane Cook, Director of Information Systems
Passavant Area Hospital

“I worked closely with Marc in finding my full-time position.  He was very honest and upfront about the position and all the positives and negatives involved.   I would strongly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a skilled and principled individual to assist in the recruitment process.”


- Philip Mitchell, M.D.
Emergency Medicine

“Marc’s strongest asset is definitely his interpersonal skills which are unmatched within our healthcare network.  Marc is the perfect negotiator exactly because he is so likeable and respected.  I have honestly never heard a negative phrase spoken about him and I consider myself blessed to have him as my friend.”

- John Alfred Carr, M.D., F.C.C.P, F.A.C.S, Director of Thoracic Surgery
Division of Trauma and Critical Care
Hurley Medical Center

“It has been my good fortune to have known and worked with Marc Steinberg for many years.  During that time, Marc has been actively involved in many projects including medical professional recruitment and successful completion of major hospital and community programs.  As a detail oriented person who approaches projects from the “ground up”, Marc has repeatedly demonstrated his commitment to long term success by remaining involved as long as needed to insure the expectations of those involved are met.  Marc Steinberg will be a great help to any individual who is searching for a practice opportunity that will appeal to the entire family.”


- James A. Bohan, M.D.
Family Medicine


“I have known Marc since August of 2007 when he did a wonderful job of recruiting my wife and me to Illinois.  Mr. Steinberg is a natural leader and one of the genuinely nicest people I have ever had the pleasure to be associated with.  He has an amazing ability to put people at ease and is liked by everyone who knows him.  He has also distinguished himself as very driven to work towards completing difficult tasks efficiently in the most positive way possible with the best outcome possible for all involved.  This I believe is an innate ability that serves him well in all aspects of his personal and professional life.”

- Jonathan D. Colen, D.O.
Diplomate of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology
Medical Director for the Center of Psychiatric Health

“Marc was not only concerned about the professional aspects of the recruiting process, but he was also concerned about our family.  In addition to concentrating on the details of the practice opportunity, he was also very focused on a match that would benefit my entire family as well.  He is very knowledgeable in the healthcare field and is extremely trustworthy.  Marc is highly professional, helpful and his expertise is an invaluable aspect of the process.  His goal is that all parties involved benefit and enjoy the process from beginning to end.”


- Douglas A. Albracht, D.O.
Orthopedic Surgery

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